Fully Responsive

With Richer you do not need to worry about how your site will look on a particular screen size. We cared about that for you and made our theme fully responsive. It means your website will automatically adapt to screen size.

Retina Ready

If you want your site to look same great on high resolution displays - Richer is a great choice! All of the included images here are 100% Retina Ready and will look fantastic on the devices like iPhone, iPad or MacBookPro Retina.

Tons of Shortcodes

There are so many shortcodes included in our theme, check out Shortcodes menu in our demo and see that! You will find anything you need to create your page layout from this variety of shortcodes.

Custom Software Solutions


In many cases 'off the shelf' software is not flexible enough to meet the needs of an evolving business. As a company grows and matures, the need for new and innovative methods to meet its operational concerns are ever present. For this reason our ‘Custom Software Solutions’ are impregnated with extensive online foresight, taking into consideration existing software applications, social media platforms, communication channels and growth potential.


Our design team are acutely aware of the link between the implementation of quality systems and an organisation's long-term competitiveness.  We know that as new systems, processes and information channels are created, it is vital they integrate with one another in order to maximise output.  This consideration remains a key driver throughout the planning and design phase of all our 'Custom Software Developments', ensuring future adaptations are able to synergise and develop alongside existing applications.