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Every serious business now knows how vital it is to provide your leadership team with inspirational technology from which they can mobilise and lead their human capital. IdentityPAY® is driven to capture this ideal.

Building contemporary time and attendance software is our focus, unlike cumbersome ERP’s for whom it can often be an afterthought. Contrary to what other providers may say, software integration is not as difficult as it once was. Given quality access, we back our highly skilled development team to integrate our software with your existing systems and accounting packages.

Brave in Design

IdentityPAY®, stands out from the crowd, with its vibrant colour palate and user friendly interface. Don’t be fooled by its simplistic design, behind the interface lurks a technology bed of brilliantly considered features.

IdentityPAY® is made available through the provision of one enterprise license as opposed to a per user license. This all-inclusive approach affords management a tangible platform from which they can capture labour statistics, leave requests and monitor workforce fatigue.

Brought to life by its in depth reporting capability, IdentityPAY® easily extracts critical time and attendance data making it perfect for submissions to boards and other relevant stakeholders.


  • IdentityPAY® records employee arrival and departure times through biometric technology - ‘fingerprint scanners’. Employee data is then transferred to your payroll program eliminating paper based time sheets, double handling and manual recording errors from the day of inception.
  • Manage fatigue by inputting rules such as maximum hours per shift. The system then has the capacity to alert when inputted fatigue rules are breached.
  • The leave management function allows employees to raise leave requests and management to track, approve and record leave entirely electronically.
  • The IP65 weatherproof rated fingerprint scanners sleek design allows installation in narrow spaces and outdoor locations.


More than meets the eye...

Unlike standard time and attendance applications, IdentityPAY® offers much more. Leveraging off the Atone® WMS platform, we are able to include some significant bonus modules to support your implementation.

IdentityPAY® also incorporates the Atone® WMS - HR and Reporting modules. These additional features are detailed below.


The HR module was developed to support businesses in satisfying their employee relations obligations and records all employee data, salary packaging, position details, issuance of company property, leave application and approval processes.

The inbuilt employee performance evaluation tool offers the ability to report on employee performance, formulate corrective actions, enforce disciplinary processes, reward staff and track cultural trends.

The HR Module creates a hub for all of your employee data including tracking of:

  • Employee personal details;
  • Leave application and approval process;
  • Fair work information and award types, employment terms & conditions;
  • Position titles, departments and teams within the organisation;
  • Salary details & superannuation amount for individuals;
  • Probationary periods;
  • Employment status i.e. casual, permanent and part time;
  • Inductions – industry and company based inductions and expiries;
  • Medical & Visa details and tracking of expiries;
  • Company property: phones, PPE, keys, laptops etc.;
  • Track employee performance, disciplinary correspondence and upload forms and procedures.


IdentityPAY® contains an extensive list of reports that are easily populated and can be exported in either PDF or Excel formats.

Expiring data can be reported upon and alerts set to email Management prior to expiration. This invaluable feature allows for future planning in relation to the management of expiring inductions, licenses, industry medicals, probationary periods and the like.

Reports include:

  • Employee location report;
  • Medical expiries;
  • Probationary expiries;
  • License expiries;
  • Induction expiries;
  • Performance appraisal assessments report;
  • Employee status breakdown report;
  • Site appointments by site, department, team;
  • Employee details by name, age, number, position, gender, department etc.


IdentityPAY® provides individual passwords and multiple access levels, extending from full system administration to read only functionality. Security levels can be implemented to align with your organisational structure and internal authorisation processes.


IdentityPAY® is hosted on a world class global platform, providing peace of mind and robust security for all our users.



Our consulting team can develop HR documentation and provide advice to support ongoing compliance requirements.


'Bridging' IdentityPAY® into other existing systems in your organisation.

Supply of Hardware to support your IdentityPAY® installation.